Tusk (2014)

  • Director: Kevin Smith
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Comedy
  • Country: USA
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A brash and arrogant podcaster gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Canada to interview a mysterious recluse..who has a rather disturbing fondness for walruses.

Top Cast

Harley Morenstein
Harley Morenstein
Justin Long
Justin Long
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodriguez

Critic Reviews

Despite its ludicrous turns, the movie benefits from the far-fetched events for its sheer willingness to go there, not unlike Smith's goofy, self-deprecating public persona.
— Eric Kohn (IndieWire)
Didn't Like
It's not even that the film shifts wildly in tone as much as the fact that none of those tones work at all: the horror parts aren't scary and, surprisingly for Smith, the comedy bits aren't funny.
— Alonso Duralde (TheWrap)