Ausente (2011)

  • Director: Marco Berger
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • Country: Argentina
Jump Scares
IMDb 6.6 / 10



Martin, a young Argentine student, is exploring the reactions of his sports coach, Sebastian, while vying for his love and affection. He has an opportunity - one night to push the envelope and be as close as ever to reaching what he so desperately wants. With his teacher keeping him off at a distance, but at the same time being so kind and nurturing, Martin continues to inch further and further towards crossing the line.

But, with all the twists and turns of love, life, and personas, Martin finds himself on the wrong side of the line, and Sebastian finds himself with more regret than Martin could have ever imagined.

Top Cast

Carlos Echevarría
Carlos Echevarría
  • As: Sebastián
  • Movies: Solo

Alejandro Barbero
Alejandro Barbero
  • As: Juan Pablo
Rocío Pavón
Rocío Pavón
  • As: Analía
Luis Mango
Luis Mango
  • As: Médico Pileto