Would You Rather

Would You Rather (2012)

  • Director: David Guy Levy
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Horror, Psychological
  • Country: USA
Jump Scares



Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of "Would You Rather," hosted by a sadistic aristocrat.

Critic Reviews

You'll never play the titular parlor game again after watching Would You Rather, director David Guy Levy’s clever exercise in torture porn that manages to display as much restraint as genuine sickness.
— Frank Scheck (The Hollywood Reporter)
Didn't Like
Would you rather . . . watch this movie, or spend an hour and a half having your arm hairs plucked out with a rusty pair of tweezers? I’d have chosen the latter if it’d been on offer.
— Sara Stewart (New York Post)