The Unborn

The Unborn (2009)

  • Director: David S. Goyer
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Country: USA
Jump Scares



A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

Critic Reviews

I enjoyed the visual effects used to create some hellish creatures and the amusing nods to "The Exorcist" - cranial rotation, even a spooky staircase. But the movie slips in the last act.
— Kyle Smith (New York Post)
Didn't Like
Maybe approaching The Unborn as horror is the wrong approach. Perhaps this should be seen as a comedy. It is quite possibly the most egregiously laughable high-profile supernatural tale since Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp impaled themselves on "The Ninth Gate."
— James Berardinelli (ReelViews)