Kill List

Kill List (2011)

  • Director: Ben Wheatley
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Country: UK
Jump Scares



Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness.

Critic Reviews

Director-screenwriter Ben Wheatley brings a fresh mystery and bite to the hitman genre, although a deeply weird twist and buckets of gore may throw more than a few audience members.
— The Hollywood Reporter
Didn't Like
It would be easy to say that the final minutes of this mixed-up thriller make everything before it meaningless, but that would indicate the odd conclusion has meaning, too.
— Joe Neumaier (New York Daily News)