Unfriended: Game Night

Unfriended: Game Night (2018)

  • Director: Stephen Susco
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Slasher
  • Country: USA
Jump Scares
IMDb 6.1 / 10



A teen comes into possession of a new laptop and soon discovers that the previous owner is not only watching him, but will also do anything to get it back.

Critic Reviews

It is impressive, though, the way the movie works to incorporate new online phenomenons, from Bitcoin to swatting. The latter bit, especially, resonates as one of the film’s most unsettling elements, if only because it feels so depressingly possible. Truly, it’s surprising just how soul-crushing Dark Web becomes after luring us in with so many intriguing mysteries, but, hey, this is the internet we’re talking about.
— Randall Colburn (Consequence of Sound)
Didn't Like
Unfriended: Dark Web doesn’t deserve your faves or your retweets. Instead, it’s a regrettably stupid horror sequel that was better left in the drafts folder.
— Rebecca Pahle (Film Journal International)